Friday, 7 November 2008

Bankers, Bankers, Bankers Are A Load Of Bwankers!

The Banking Parasites want to take another 1.5% drop and keep it to their selves, greed, greed. greed is all they know.

There are two organisations that would sell their granny for £50 and that's Bankers and Lawyers. Ordinary people be warned, keep as far away from these two sections of society as possible, they only care about themselves.

These two sections of society have got two much power, even the government are powerless to do anything against them.

So the ordinary person in the street does not stand much of a chance do they. THE ANSWER to that question my friend is WRONG. My friend with a little lawful knowledge we the general public could lawfully bring the banking industry to it's knee's.

Yes that's right we could even do a better job than they are doing to themselves.

So the next time your bank gives you any pain and you want to get your own back, send me an email to and I will show you a secret to a lawful pay backed, that they the Bwanker are praying that you will never find out.

Because if this secret became general knowledge, the banking game in the Uk and USA as it is now, would be over.

Dave O

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sonnyuk said...

Dear David

i am in serious trouble with the bank and some credit cards and need some advice and help,

please can you get in touch with me